An adult male counselor speaks to a male student.


2641 N. 49街
(N. 第49街及圣保罗大道)

(402) 465-2464
(402) 465-2176 (传真)
咨询 [at] (咨询[在]nebrwesleyan[点]edu)

(402) 475-6695


紧急:叫 911

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: Call or text 988

危机文本线:发送HOME到 741741 to text with a trained crisis counselor


"I was struggling in college, in 类, and emotionally. I was hesitant to go to the 咨询 center because I thought that I didn’t need something like this. I did go, though, and discovered what it is really about. It’s helpful to everyone to go talk about 压力, relationships, depression, school, and the like. The people I worked with were extremely compassionate and helpful. Definitely an under-appreciated service at Wesleyan. 它改变了我的生活. I found out what was going on and my counselor and I discussed ways to approach the situation. Now, while I am still working on the situation, I am doing better in the classroom and emotionally. If anyone has considered talking to a counselor, or wonder if they should, go in and talk. 它会让一切变得不同. 对我来说确实如此."

"I was referred to 咨询服务 by a P.A. 帮助处理室友的问题. Long after those roommate issues have subsided, I am continuing to use this service because it’s low cost and has been incredibly beneficial to me. I’ve loved having a non-biased counselor to go to for issues in my life ranging from school to work to family. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who needs a little pick-me-up in their life at the moment."


内布拉斯加州卫斯理大学 咨询服务 provides personal 咨询 by licensed mental health practitioners. Some common reasons for visiting with a counselor include depression, 焦虑, 乡愁, 家庭问题, 压力, 的关系问题, 性, 饮食和身体形象问题, 创伤, 和悲伤.


目前注册, full-time students in the traditional undergraduate program are eligible for on-campus 咨询 services.


辅导服务 provides 咨询 sessions to NWU students in both in-person and telehealth formats. Students will be able to choose their modality (in-person or telehealth) when they schedule a 咨询 appointment. Telehealth services will be provided via a secure video platform. 目前, we are only able to offer telehealth services for students located in the state of Nebraska due to Nebraska laws and regulations.  

To make an appointment, please email us at 咨询 [at] (咨询[在]nebrwesleyan[点]edu) 或者打电话给我们 402-465-2464.  


It can be hard to ask questions about your mental well-being. That’s why 内布拉斯加州卫斯理大学 offers a free, anonymous mental health screening tool.

Take a few minutes to complete a short online survey. The results may help you decide whether to pursue personal 咨询.

The Mental 健康 America online screening tool provides mental health tests for:

  • 抑郁症
  • 焦虑
  • 注意力缺陷多动症
  • 双相情感障碍
  • 精神病和精神分裂症
  • 创伤后应激障碍
  • 进食障碍
  • 上瘾



  • First three visits during any academic year: Free!
  • After the first three visits: $10 per visit, billed monthly.  Students are allowed 12 咨询 sessions per academic year.
  • Failure to cancel an appointment by 5 p.m. 预约前一天:30美元.


  • Counselors are available during the academic year only. Services are limited over school breaks and are not available during the summer.
  • 从早上8点开始联系我们.m.–5 p.m.,周一至周五402.465.2464. Please leave us a message if we are unable to personally answer your call and we will return your call as soon as possible.  你也可以给我们发电子邮件 咨询 [at] (咨询[在]nebrwesleyan[点]edu) 安排预约.
  • Indicate that you wish to make an appointment for personal 咨询 and our Staff Assistant will schedule an appointment for you with one of our counselors.


If you cannot attend an appointment, call 402.465.2464(或电子邮件) 咨询 [at] (咨询[在]nebrwesleyan[点]edu)) 5点.m. the day prior to your appointment to cancel or reschedule. Failure to do so will result in a $30 fee.


NWU maintains strict confidentiality at all times.

  • No information can be released without formal authorization from the student. If you would like your counselor to release information to a specific person, 医生, 或机构, you will need to complete a Release of Information form.
  • All 咨询 records are kept separate from other university records and are accessible only by 咨询服务 staff members.
  • Information cannot be released without your written authorization, except if required by law. Records may be released without your consent if there is: (a) a risk that you may harm yourself or others; (b) suspicion of child abuse or neglect; or (c) a court order. Reasonable efforts will be made to inform you if such information about you is to be released.


咨询服务 does not provide long-term, intensive 咨询. There is a session limit of 12 咨询 sessions per student per academic year. Students for whom more than weekly sessions are indicated, 哪些人有复发性风险升高, or who are seeking services not provided by 咨询服务, will be provided with appropriate referral information. 除了, we do not provide mandated or required treatment, including but not limited to 咨询 required by academic departments, 类, 或法律/行为程序.  除了极少数例外, we are unable to serve students who already have an ongoing treatment relationship with another mental health provider.